Aidan’s Weekly Eye Tip

Computer Related Eyestrain (continued)
Continuing with Computer Eyestrain, which has become a major visual complaint, this week Aidan would like to discuss the following two steps that you can take to reduce symptoms:
Step 5: Rest Breaks.

  • To reduce your risk of eyestrain by constantly focusing on your screen, look away from your computer at least every 30 minutes, gazing at a distant object (at least 6 meters) for about 20 seconds. Looking in distance relaxes the focusing muscle inside the eye to reduce fatigue.
  • By taking only two 15 minute breaks from their computer throughout their work day will not only reduce discomfort and eyestrain but also increase productivity.

Step 6: Computer Ergonomics.

  • To reduce eyestrain, make sure you sit at least 60 cm away from your computer screen.
  • Adjust your workstation and chair to the correct height. Your screen should be about 10 to 15 degrees below your eyes for comfortable positioning of your head and neck.

Having a routine comprehensive visual exam should be part of your annual health checks to reduce or prevent computer vision problems. For the greatest comfort at your computer, you might benefit from having your optometrist create customized computer spectacles. Wearing contact lenses may not be ideal for the office environment, as they may become dry and uncomfortable during sustained computer work.
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