Capro celebrates 68 years of excellence

Capro – as it is known, is an acronym for Central Advertising & Public Relations Office, for the Provincial Press of South Africa. This key role player in print media was born in 1950, and thus celebrates 68 years of existence. For the first time in history the small and mostly rural newspapers had a body which could promote them at advertising agencies, government institutions and big national companies.

Mr Rishaad Mahomed

As Mr Rishaad Mahomed (Capro Chairperson of the Board), once said – “As far as the future is concerned, Capro is very optimistic … in years to come Capro needs to stay a relevant player in the industry. This will depend largely on the dynamics of the various members and how well they cope with changes. In this instance, Capro is extremely lucky in that it represents publishers who are also independent thinkers … the same style of independent thinking and the quest for excellence reflects in Capro.

For over 60 years the company had to continuously adapt and re-invent itself to stay relevant in the industry. The company succeeded in doing this because it is in touch with the market. Capro takes pride in the remarkable progress made through linking up advertisers with their target audience and adding value to community press.”

The appointment of the new general manager – Mr Arashaad Saint, in March 2018, with his inherent capacity for sales along with high level of professionalism, has seen Capro reshaping its relevance in terms of corporate identity and strengthened relationship.

With over 68 years of our expertise Capro has pioneered to ensure that:

  • The newspapers have sound editorial environment and layouts are compatible with the products being advertised, as well as regularly maintain a minimum number of pages;
  • The papers consistently publish acceptable quality of reproduction in order to attract, first and foremost local advertising;
  • The circulation figures of the publications are verified in the industry by trusted, accredited and professional auditors; and
  • The publishers stay in touch with advertisers through heightened use of social media platforms.

What all this means to Capro’s highly valued advertisers is that, by advertising in Capro represented publications – they benefit through making seamless, meaningful connections with their target audience through a one-stop shop.

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