Capro ended 2018 with a BANG

Capro Head Office in Johannesburg was recently announced as finalist for the CoreXalance’s Media Financial Manager Awards 2018. (Capro markets Mogol Post among other newspapers and represents paper advertising agencies.)

The Capro team

On 13 December they were announced as the winner of the Overall Credit Excellence of the Year Award, the Credit Professional of the Year Award and the How Low Can You Go Award. They were also announced as joint winner of the Hands-on Award, the first runner-up for the Most Improved Debtors Book Award and the second runner-up for the Most Consistent Improved Debtors Books Award.

“We highly appreciate CoreXalance for all the support and tremendous industry knowledge shared with us throughout the year. We are without a doubt looking forward to building a much stronger relationship with CoreXalance, going forward and to receiving many more of these motivational awards,” a Capro spokesperson said.

“Congratulations to you Capro, it is an absolute pleasure to recognize your efforts and watch you enjoy the rewards. Keep up the good work,” said Mandy Kayser, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of CoreXalance.

CoreXalance assists industry associations and their members with strategy, management, accounting, training, intel and analytics, communication and group compliance. It is an independent business that understands industry groups and associations.

(Mogol Post congratulates Capro’s staff on this excellent achievement – Ed)

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