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LEPHALALE – Miemie Pearson, co-owner of L’eau De La Vie, the Ozone Therapy, Wellness and Beauty Centre at 5 Klapper Street, says the idea to start an Ozone Therapy Centre came about one morning when she was watching the TV show “Die Groot Ontbyt” where they were discussing Ozone Therapy.

Monique, Miemie and Michelle with Wilhelm Sparks during his 10th session in the ozone capsule

Her interest was piqued considering ozone therapy helps wounds heal four to seven times faster and since her mother has been struggling with a leg ulcer for more than three years, this could be the solution.

Miemie and Michelle Petzer decided to join forces for the challenge of opening an Ozone Therapy Centre, and viola, L’eau De La Vie became a reality.

Miemie’s mother and other client’s wounds were treated and a definite improvement was noticed. Monique de Jager, a qualified Somatologist, joined the team and is specifically involved in the Cyrolipolysis (Fat Freezing) treatment, as well as the sport massage, lymph draining and wax treatment.

Visit L’eau De La Vie to assist your treatment needs. It guarantees improvement of your physical well-being and to kick-start a new chapter in your life where you will live a healthier, quality life, Miemie says.

Ozone treatment in the HOCATT ozone sauna is a safe, natural treatment with no side effects or immune suppression and is now available near you in Lephalale. “We want to help people feel healthier, live healthier and have a better quality of life,” says Miemie.

The benefits of ozone therapy are increased as the body becomes cleaner. Stored toxins are eliminated and the body’s functions steadily improve. In this way, diseases, disorders and illnesses, wounds, stress, arthritis, cancer, depression, weight loss, cellulite, diabetes etc. are prevented or treated.

Meanwhile, many clients with various problems went for treatment and they speak with great praise for both the Ozone and the Cyrolipolysis services.

Mogol Post spoke to Wilhelm Sparks during his 10th session in the ozone capsule. Many residents will remember that Wilhelm was involved in a terrible car accident several years ago and his long journey to recovery until now where he can shakily manage. He recovered well, but he still has problems with his balance which causes daily challenges.

He says he read about ozone therapy and immediately decided to give it a try and to start with treatment. Wilhelm says that he could feel a difference as soon as after the fifth session, especially in regards to his balance. “The bonus is that I’m even losing weight in the process and that my sleeping patterns as well as energy levels improved,” he says. According to Wilhelm, he will definitely continue with the treatment as he believes it’s very advantageous to his health and well-being.

L’eau De La Vie will be displaying their products and services at the Bushveld Festival that takes place 5-7 July.

Serious about your health? Contact L’eau De La Vie at by 079 940 5197.

Testimonials from satisfied customers:

Fanie Modimola: “Since I started ozone therapy, my muscles are more relaxed. I feel light, sleep well and I am busy with the second cycle. I would make it a lifestyle.”

Magda Reyneke: “Na sewe sessies het ek stelselmatig ʼn verbetering in my Rumatoïde Artritis gevoel gepaardgaande met gewigsverlies.”

Jeanette Modimola: “I was always tired and couldn’t do anything when I came home after work. Since I used ozone therapy I have a lot of energy and my blood pressure and sugar levels are under control. I will definitely continue with ozone therapy.”

Joey Smith: “Ek is met plattelandse vriendelikheid ontvang en met professionele vaardigheid ingewy by die wêreld van osoonterapie. Oor die algemeen voel ek ligter met meer energie en fisies en emosioneel beter. My gewrigspyne is minder en my liggaam voel meer soepel. Baie dankie vir die aangename ervaring wat ek by L’eau De La Vie ervaar het.”

Mike Giuliani: “I have been struggling with a leg ulcer and numbness in the left leg for more than a year and was referred to do ozone therapy. I was surprised to notice the quick results – especially the blood circulation in my legs and the quick healing of the wound. I have more energy during the day and also see a big difference in my skin. I will definitely recommend ozone therapy to everyone.”

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