LSS emphasises reading

MARAPONG — Lephalale Site Services (LSS) donated books and trolleys to four schools in Marapong on Friday 27 July.

The Tielelo Secondary School’s choir gave a powerful performance during the event

The handover of the books and trolleys was held at Tielelo Secondary, which is one of the two secondary schools in the area.

Former Principal of Tielelo and current CEO of LSS, Mr MZ Radipabe, told learners that the most important thing for them was to feed the mind with knowledge so that they can conquer all barriers in life.

“We want to pick your interest for reading as this is the most important skill you can acquire in life,” he said.

Radipabe also encouraged everyone to invest in understanding the English language so that they are able to deal with questions in different subjects at school. He told them that when they don’t read they will struggle with English words and it is self-injustice.

“None of us here speak English as a first language, but we learned it while growing up.

When you don’t know English words, you will struggle to think in the language. My dad used to say for one to be able to read and write English properly, they must think in English, to avoid direct translation from your mother tongue. Directly translating can distort your message and if you are writing comprehensive language you will lose marks,” he said.

Book trolleys were handed over to Reading Committee Representatives from Nelsonskop Primary, Ditheku Primary, Phegelelo Secondary and Tielelo Secondary.

The Reading Committee thanked LSS for being thoughtful and especially Mr Radipabe who, as former teacher, knows the challenges learners face.

“We are thankful for these acts of kindness that assist in the advancement of education in our circuit. The reality is that we need equipment like this to invest in learners’ learning. Let us ensure learners easily access these books and use them. We will make it compulsory to have a reading period so that these books are effectively utilised,” the message of the Reading Committee reads.

The trolleys will be occupied by books to the value of R10 000 in each school.

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