Sanlam offers “First in the Market”

Getting sick is part of every child’s life. But, while colds and rashes may disappear after a doctor’s visit, other illnesses and injuries can wreak havoc with the budget of even the most financially astute parents. This is why Sanlam has launched an extensive child illness and injury benefit.
The Sanlam Child: Illness and Injury Benefit provides cover of up to R1 million paid as a lump sum and parents can claim for 81 events. What sets it apart from other products in the market, is the fact that it covers a wide range of events from dread diseases to injuries, impairments and infections – and 24 of the 81 claim events are uniquely covered by Sanlam.
“So apart from covering ‘standard’ claim events like cancer, heart surgery, loss of sight, meningitis, diabetes and so on, the Sanlam Child: Illness and Injury Benefit also covers unique events like dog bites, gunshot wounds, rib fractures, tetanus, anorexia, Crohn’s disease and the Ebola virus. And of the events that are not unique to Sanlam’s product, 37 are rare in the market, covered by only one other company as well,” says Dorothy Davies, Financial Adviser from Sanlam.
These rare benefits include cover events like near-drowning, head injuries, uncontrolled epilepsy and major burns.
For additional protection, the benefit provides two safety net events – an ICU claim event which will pay if a child is admitted to the ICU unit of a hospital for at least 48 hours, for any reason. The second one is a catch-all claim event which provides cover for diseases and injuries that are not on the list but are severe enough to warrant a payment. Both these claim events are a first in the standalone child benefit market.
Dorothy believes that, given its affordability, every parent should consider the Sanlam Child: Illness and Injury Benefit. Children are covered for up to R1 million, with a premium of as little as R35 a month for roughly R300 000 cover.
The Child: Illness and Injury Benefit can be added to existing Sanlam policies, or taken out on a new policy. Children can be covered from their 1st birthday up to the age of 19.
“Parents will find it most beneficial that children are covered throughout their school years, especially active children. This is because our fracture, head injury and coma claim events provide cover for accidents often associated with playing extreme sports.”
She adds that another plus is that Sanlam won’t require children to go for new or invasive tests, as underwriting consists only of questions and possibly reports.
For more information contact Dorothy Davies on 014 763 2260 or 082 783 3298.
Sanlam is a Licensed Financial Services Provider

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