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Christiaan Diedericks and Adrian de Bruyn
Christiaan Diedericks and Adrian de Bruyn

Waterberg Roofing in the light industrial area is under the outstanding management of Adrian de Bruyn and Christiaan Diedericks.
Their estimators and designers have over 37 years of combined experience and are constantly looking for more innovative and cost effective methods of design. They are also a member of the ITC-SA (Institute for Timber Construction South Africa) and thereby subscribe to and fully comply with all the design, manufacturing and erection criteria as laid down by the ITC-SA.
WB Roofing has a modern production facility in which they can assure their clients of: Exceptionally accurate and speedy EASY SAW cutting; Sizes, lengths and angles are consistently accurate and NO hand measuring takes places; An on-going quality system which is regularly re-assessed and updated.
Waterberg Roofing has embraced technological advancements in the nail plated truss industry and in February 2014 installed an EASY saw in its plant ensuring that production capability has increased and quality control like precise angle and length setups be maintained.
WB Roofing will quote to erect your timber structure and take full responsibility for the issue to the correct roof layout drawing in order to erect a safe roof structure, especially since they are becoming more involved in very upmarket and exclusive exposed trusses.
Good news is that WB Roofing also specialises in Ultra-Span® light gauge steel truss systems with lots of advantages.
Their Roof Inspectors are independent experienced professional and a Regulation A19 Completion Certificate means YOUR roof has been erected according to regulations.
But that is not all. WB Roofing are also suppliers of Top Paints, a company proven over time (since 1971) as the home of top quality paints.
Adrian and Christiaan’s vision is to become the brand of choice in the building industry through their commitment to precision, excellence and passion.
If you need roof trusses, roof tiles and the erecting thereof as well as high quality paints, look no further, WB Roofing has the answer to all your needs at cost effective prices.
Visit them in Hendrik Pistorius Avenue in the Light Industrial Area or call them on 072 816 0750 or 076 368 4256.

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