Airsoft battled it out

Players right before the battle took place

Tommy Muszynski
LEPHALALE — “Three tangos 12 o’clock!” isn’t something regularly heard yelled on a Sunday morning, but 3 June was an exception as Airsoft Ellisras – Easy Company, hosted its third major local game on a farm near town.
Airsoft is a competitive team sport in which participants eliminate opponents by hitting each other with plastic BBs (balls) launched via imitation weapons. Safety is the most important part of the game and players are required to wear protective glasses at all times and many other strict safety regulations must be followed.
Players were divided into two teams with various objectives to be accomplished in order to claim victory for their team.
The outdoor field with thick vegetation and tree cover led to various small skirmishes being fought over a large area, eventually boiling down to an intense all-out battle between the two teams which is the final objective.
For more information on how to get involved in this new and fast growing activity, visit the Airsoft Ellisras Facebook page or contact Vincent at 060 505 4736.

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