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Amos Thamaga
Amos Thamaga

Leoni Kruger
LEPHALALE — The 26-year-old Amos Thamaga, the eldest of the Thamaga children and a member of the Mogol Rugby Club, is a very unique and talented man. He was chosen to represent South Africa in two test matches against Wales in Pretoria last year. But what makes the achievement even more special, is that he was chosen for the Deaf SA team.
Amos said he never focused on rugby when he was in school, he was rather an athlete. He was only introduced to rugby at the age of 9 or 10. He attended the Transoranje School for the Deaf and as part of their rugby team he was once announced as Man of the Match.
He studied IT at the National Institute for the Deaf in the Western Cape and this year he is enrolled with Belgium Campus University for an advanced IT programme.
But how did he end up at Mogol Rugby Club? He says he always watched them play and decided to ask them if he could join them. He says Mogol Rugby is very important to him, as it is because of his rugby playing at Mogol that he was chosen for the SA team – “I always played well and scored many tries for our team” he says. The one thing that he learned is that rugby is a sport that needs big muscles.
Amos wants to focus on his studies this year, but he will still play rugby for Mogol during the school holidays.
The word “future” for him means the whole world ahead of him – and he is looking forward to a wonderful future.
He doesn’t necessarily think that having a “disability” has opened doors for him as some people may think. “There is a saying that one man’s meat is another’s poison – meaning that opportunities are there for those who are hungry for them” he says.
Those who inspired him most throughout his life are his great grandmother and his great uncle, but both of them have passed on. He will always be thankful to his coaches in Transoranje, Mogol Rugby Club and his parents.
Amos knows what he wants and he makes the best of what he has. A real star!

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