Ellisras Airsoft — “Operation CHASTISE”

Francois “Hitman” en Herman “Gifpoot” Oberholzer holding the high ground

LEPHALALE — Members of the Ellisras Airsoft came together on a farm nearby Lephalale, code named “Normandy”, for another day of intense action on Sunday 9 July 2017.
Airsoft is a simulation sport where players use imitation weaponry to engage in tactical combat against each other, often recreating historical battles.
The day’s mission was split into 2 segments, starting with an open skirmish over a large area to gather “bomb parts” that were scattered over the farm. At the end of 2 hours of fighting the team with the most parts wins the round and gains an advantage in the next.
After the parts were gathered a “bomb” was assembled (battery, timer and alarm in a briefcase) and placed in the field. Teams were then instructed to obtain the “bomb”, plant it at a key objective such as the dam wall and defend it until the timer reached zero and the “bomb” detonates. This scenario also lasted 2 hours with intense combat from start to finish.
Ellisras Airsoft is always looking for new members and if you are interested in joining please contact Vince at 060 505 4736 or join “Airsoft Ellisras – EASY COMPANY” on Facebook.
Games are usually played on weekends every 2-3 weeks.

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