Ellisras Airsoft – Operation Gulf War

LEPHALALE — On Sunday 15 October, the local Airsoft Club, Easy Company, went to do battle again in Operation Gulf War at a brand new field nicknamed Ants Nest.
The operation was loosely based on the events during the Gulf War where the US invaded Iraq and many speculations arose around the oil debacle and the local resources.
The members were divided into two opposing groups i.e. USA and Iraq with two Secondary Objectives to capture two “Oil supply points”. The Primary Objective was to infiltrate and capture the main oil base and defend the base for as long as possible.
The biggest threat was the sun as it got extremely hot in the field and the game was very physically demanding, testing the nerves of many players.
Iraq and the US started at their HQ’s and manoeuvred swiftly through the highly dense vegetation towards the Primary Objective.
Within a couple of minutes, the first fire fight erupted when the Iraqi team managed to infiltrate and hold the main base. However, a very determined US team quickly recuperated and with some impressive tactics and good communication, overwhelmed and eliminated the Iraqi team, forcing them to regroup at their headquarters.
The Iraqi team put up a great effort to recapture the Primary Objective, however the US was well entrenched and managed to hold the oil base for most of the day.
Everyone is encouraged to get involved with this great sport. Please like their Facebook Page Airsoft Ellisras Easy Company and if you would like to be part of this fun sport contact Vince on 060 505 4736.

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