Firearms Festival not to be missed

The Firearms Festival will be held on Saturday 1 September at Knapskoot Skietbaan, Lephalale.

It is a fun event for all firearm enthusiasts and their friends and families.


Grouping competition: Group shooting has always been the main event. Any shooter can participate with a regular hunting rifle. Furthermore, no time is wasted on sighting in. If you can hit an A3 sized target, your grouping is measured. Although PMP/ProAmm has withdrawn as sponsor, this competition will continue. You shoot with your own rifle and ammo, any calibre with hand loads welcome. Prizes are awarded to the 10 smallest groups, as well as junior and ladies’ categories.

Big Bore shoot: Under the capable guidance of BASA (Big Bore Association of SA), anyone with a rifle 9,3 mm and larger can compete in a simulated big game hunt. The first prize is an attractive hunting package.

Handgun shoot: Craig Gadd and his SAS team guide handgun shooters through a course with their own handguns.

Clay Target shoot: Clay targets with shotguns, going away and cross flying birds, with 12 bore shotguns. Ammo supplied, own or loan gun.

CHASA Hunting table: Rudi Myburgh supervises a hunting range of springbuck, warthog and gong targets. Own rifle and ammo – 10 cartridges.

Sniper special: Get a chance to shoot Truvelo’s .50 sniper at 200 meters. R200 a shot, and you get to keep the bullet casing (doppie)!

Junior training: Herman de Lange and his dedicated team of instructors teach the kids basic shooting skills with .22 rifles.

Active Hunting range: Under Hanna Hurst’s supervision, a hunting simulation with .22 rifles. Own or loan rifle, ammo supplied.

GOSA: Paul Oxley will be there to inform the public about GOSA, and how things are going with the fight.

Accommodation: Shooters can camp on the range for free. Basic ablution facilities and lots of firewood available. Alternatively, there are lodges in the area. Send an email to if you need to be put on track.

Food: Bazaar food and cold drinks are available throughout the day with a braai after the prize giving. Pap and sous, fire and grills supplied; bring your own meat or buy a braai pack.

​Celebrate responsible fire-arm ownership. Don’t miss it!

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