Martial Arts makes proud

Team members and their achievements are FLTR: Front: Johan Pretorius – 1 x Gold (Kumite); 1x Silver (Continuous); 1 x Bronze (Point Scoring), Megan Prinsloo: 6 x Gold (Kata, Unision Kata, Kumite, Point Scoring, Continuous, Tag Team), 1 x Silver (Kumite (Higher Level) third semi contact (Points); third Traditional Kumite. Middle: Hanlie van Zyl: 3 x Gold (Point Scoring; Continuous Tag team), 1 x Silver (Kata), Miekie van der Walt: 4 x Gold (Kata, Unison Kata, Kumite, Tag Team), 2 x Silver (Continuous, Point Scoring), Juliana Meyer: 1 x Gold (Tag Team), 4 x Silver (Kumite, Point Scoring, Continuous, Kata), Brenda Brand: 1 x Silver (Kumite), 1 x Bronze (Kata). Back: Lourens Meyer (it was his first competition): 2 x Silver (Kumite, Continuous), 2 x Bronze (Kata, Point Scoring), Sensei Thys Smith (chief instructor and referee for the day): 1x Gold (Kumite Senior Black Belt Open), 1x Silver (Unison Kata), Sensei Jannie van der Walt (referee for the day): 1 x Gold (Kata), 1 x Silver (Unison Kata), Frikkie Brand: 3 x Gold (Point Scoring, Continuous Higher Level, Kumite). (Not in photo: Liz Smith: Platinum (Table Official), 1 x Gold [Tag Team], Johanku Meyer: 3 x Gold [Point Scoring, Continuous, Kumite])
LEPHALALE — Some martial arts students from Ellisras Mixed Martial Arts and members of Mogol Club, participated in the NMA-ISKA (National Martial Arts – International Sports Karate Association) Diamond Classic in Kimberley on 5 and 6 August. They did extremely well in their respective divisions.
Diamond Classic is a full MASA and SASCOC sanctioned event and one of the qualifying tournaments for students for the National SA’s, namely Destiny.
All the team members in the photo qualified for the NMA/ISKA Limpopo Provincial Team to attend Destiny on 7 and 8 October 2017 in Coertzenburg Sports Centre in Stellenbosch. Sensei Thys Smith congratulates all of them and he says they must keep on working hard with their preparations for Destiny.
“I hope they do just as well and keep on making Mogol Club and Ellisras proud” he concluded.

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