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LEPHALALE — The USA Open ISKA World Martial Arts Championships in Orlando, Florida, is an annual meeting where all the worlds’ superstars of Sport Karate meet to lay it all on the line to become World Champions in their respective divisions.

FLTR: Shahan Karel van der Merwe (Group Leader), Dian Besseling, Frikkie Brand, Johan Pretorius, Sensei Thys Smith, Brenda Brand, Hanlie van Zyl and Sensei Jan van der Walt

Ellisras Mixed Martial Arts and Mogol Club members were no exception and they took part in the championships on 5 and 6 July 2018. The group consisted of three teams.

Sensei Thys Smith, Sensei Jannie van der Walt and Senpai Hanlie van Zyl received full Protea Colours, Johan Pretorius received President’s Colours and Dian Besseling and Frikkie and Brenda Brand received Development Colours.

The team also did extremely well with 4 Sport Karate World Champions in their divisions and the results were as follows:

Black Belt Divisions

Sensei Thys Smith: Black Belt AA Opens veteran men’s 35 years and over: 3rd Points & Clash Sparring.

Sensei Jannie van Der Walt: Finalist medal, Black Belt 18 years Open Self-defense, 8th Place, Black Belt 35 years and over Traditional Kata.

Hanlie van Zyl: 35 years and over Black Belt Women’s: 1st Place, Continuous Sparing (World Champion), 3rd Place, Points and Clash Sparing, 5th Place, Traditional Kata.

Under Black Belt Divisions 17 years and younger:

Johan Pretorius: 1st Place Clash Sparring (World Champion), 3rd Place Points & Continuous Sparring.

Frikkie Brand: 1st Clash Sparring (World Champion), 3rd Points and Continuous Sparring.

Dian Besseling: 1st Place BFSA Breaking (World Champion), 3rd Place Points Sparring.

Brenda Brand: 5th Traditional Kata Women 35 years and over.

“I would like to make use of this opportunity to thank all the competitors, coaches, parents and supporters who has inspired us to become what we are over the years, you have my gratitude and respect,” said Sensei Thys Smith.

Contact Sensei Thys Smith at 082 651 5324 or send an email to: for more information.

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