Outstanding MMA performance

Hanlie van Zyl
Hanlie van Zyl

The group was 130 strong with 85 competitors competing in all divisions including the Sport Grappling, Breaking, High Kick, Points, Continuous, Clash Sparring, Forms MMA Light. The Group consisted of three teams, Full Protea, Presidents and development colours. The results were magnificent with several new World Champions being crowned. The tour combines attendance at the most prestigious event in the world (4 600+ competitors this year) with a great holiday experience in Orlando, the family vacation capital of the world and of course including all Disney & Universal theme parks.
Hanlie van Zyl of Ellisras Martial Arts Academy Mogol Club represented the SA’s development team in this prestigious event and her hard work and determination paid off with the outstanding achievement of being crowned Word Champion in the Clash Sparing Intermediated (Blue to Purple) – Women 35 years and over.
Some other achievements were:
• Second place Light Contact (Continuous) – Intermediated – Women 18 years and older;
• Third place Semi Contact (Points) –Intermediated -Women 18 years and older.
Sensei Thys Smit, 4 TH Dan Chief Instructor at Martial Arts Academy Mogol Club, congratulates Hanlie on her achievement and he says he is proud to be associated with such an outstanding Martial Artist.

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