Skimzoza is unstoppable

Leoni Kruger
MARAPONG — The ladies of Skimzoza Football Club in Marapong recently took part in the Women’s Regional League and they were unstoppable!
They are now the regional winners and the Sasol League (Provincial) play-offs is the game to win.
According to Zagaria Mosekiemang, Co-owner of the football club, they are the number one team out of eight teams and their score card look so good it almost seems impossible to beat them.
The Skimzozo team played 13 games of which they won 11 games. They scored 2 points in the two games they played a draw.
They lost zero games, scored 50 goals against 5 with a 45 points difference. Their total score is 35 points.
Mosekiemang explains that they receive three bonus points for every game they win.

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