Editor’s Letter — 2 December 2016

Black Friday has taken root so quickly in South Africa that it is difficult to believe. Even in Lephalale people stood in queues from early on to get a bargain.
Personally, I simply didn’t feel up to facing the crowds but I prepared my children psychologically from early in the week to face the shops. If one managed to get of the marked down items (they sold out quickly) the prices were really good. The children braved everything and patiently stood in the queues, but they could not stop talking about the trolley loads full of fizzy drinks that people purchased.
I also realised that many people did not know what Black Friday meant and where it came from. Please read our front-page article for more information as it looks like Black Friday is here to stay.
Interestingly enough according to the police very little crime was reported. If one looks at what happened in the cities with people breaking down shop doors and shoving and pushing one another to get to the bargains, then one is thankful.
Rina van Schalkwyk, Mrs Grand SA 2016 and on top of that a resident of Lephalale, is a special woman. I realised that a long time ago. And then she surprised me again with the announcement that she has been chosen as one of 100 Difference Makers in our country. She started the Reinhardt Drewel Foundation (RDF SA) in 2015 after she saw the terrible trauma suffered when a child drowns. It is with reference to this that she was chosen as one of 100 people by Difference Makers SA as someone who makes a real difference in other’s lives. Read her story on page 8 in this edition. And please go and vote for her by liking the Facebook page of Difference Makers SA, leaving a comment and sharing her photograph. This is really a great achievement for the enrichment of others.
The contract between Boraro Mmogo Investment (BMI) who represents the local taxi associations, Lowveld Bus Services and Eskom means that BMI now has the opportunity to transport Medupi workers, and is proof that development has its advantages and promotes growth of local businesses. I could see the look of gratitude for this wonderful opportunity streaming from the face of Tony Magaia from the newly instituted BMI.
In less than a month – it will be Christmas. Then the matric holidays will be a thing of the past and the new challenges of the new year will be looming. I know it is a cliché, but this year really has flown.
Good luck to all the matrics who now need to wait patiently for their results. Enjoy your matric holiday and please come back safely.
Remember your roots.
— Leoni

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