Letter from the Editor — 2 September 2016

Mankind is an interesting species. And very difficult to please. I was standing and waiting in a long queue the other day. One of many things I am not good at. I don’t like queuing and I don’t like waiting. Nevertheless, in front of me stood an older lady and her husband making small talk with everyone. The moment she heard that I was from the Mogol Post she took me on because the whole newspaper is written in Afrikaans. And she (although she has lived in SA for years) cannot read or understand Afrikaans. She added that they have lived in Ellisras for seven years. I kept my cool and tried to explain that we really try very hard to get a balance between English and Afrikaans. But she just steamrolled ahead.
She said if an article looks interesting to her she will ask someone what it is about. I tried to explain to her that the opposite also occurs. That there are people that raise objections if the front page article is in English. People that have lived for years in Ellisras and are used to “their” paper being written in Afrikaans.
And if one has lived for so many years in South Africa and yet you do not understand a word of Afrikaans then you probably don’t want to understand it.
What I can say is a word of thanks to each person that has a part in making sure that the Mogol Post still appears on the shelves each week. With English and Afrikaans articles. Some weeks more of one than the other for which we compensate the following week.
Thanks to each of you who let us know about news worthy happenings. Thank you to each member of staff who does their level best to keep the Mogol Post machine well oiled. Thank you to each advertiser who regularly advertises in the Mogol Post. Thank you too to the personnel at Dormitor Drukkers who ensure that the Mogol Post is printed and distributed on time each week. And thank you to each reader who buys and reads the Mogol Post – irrespective of whether the articles are written in English or Afrikaans.
While I am sitting here writing this I heard of the news of the passing away of 6-year-old cancer victim Nathan Hogan. I remember seeing him for the first time at a CANSA Relay for Life. During this year’s RfL on the 10 and 11th of September there will no doubt be many candles burning for this brave little chap.
Best wishes to his family who walked this journey daily with him.
— Leoni

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