Letter from the Editor — 20 Oct 2017

It’s difficult to understand what’s going on in other’s minds. Owing to the nature of my work I am on various WhatsApp groups and if it was not necessary for me to stay up to date with things, I would ditch the whole lot! The advantage of such a group is that important information can be shared with various people. Unfortunately, there are people who have no boundaries. If someone places something on a group it means that everyone on that group sees the message at the same time. Why is it so difficult to respect that?
I am amazed daily by the verbal battles that take place on these groups. Please people, we are all adults. Keep your opinion to yourself? And the hundred “thank you’s” that follow a placement are just disturbing.
The few incidents of malaria in Lephalale have apparently made residents worried. Some doctors confirmed that residents have made enquiries regarding preventative medication. That is only necessary in areas that are declared malaria areas. Please read the article on page 4 for clarity regarding what it means when an area is declared a malaria area. All we need to do in Lephalale is to take precautionary measures.
To all the parents of matric learners – good luck. Think about taking a nerve tonic. To all the matrics – I know you have probably heard it a thousand times before, but these exams are the most important you will ever write. It determines many things. Good luck to each one of you – may you approach these last school exams with dedication and positivity.
Lastly – it’s a fact that everyone is affected by the weak economy. One of the first signs thereof are when people start saving on luxuries. Unfortunately, the placing of an advert is also seen as a luxury, when in fact the opposite is true. If the weak economy is hammering your business, it’s the right time to advertise. It’s a smart decision to ensure that everyone knows you’re still doing business. Mogol Post is the only respected advertising medium in Lephalale. Think about it – if you do not advertise you will be forgotten.
— Leoni

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