Letter from the Editor – 29 April 2016

I was reading through the headlines before we send everything off to the printers and I didn’t see much to be excited about. The whole paper is about recklessness, lawlessness and a town of total disorder.
I received photographs of the street vendors in Louis Botha Avenue from readers. A year or so ago the municipality cleaned the area up and chased all the vendors away, putting strong municipal regulations in place – well it looks just as bad again. And it smells!
I receive photographs of people that hold street parties. Boots open and cool boxes packed to the brim. Right there in the street people are dancing, eating, making food on gas stoves, screaming, chatting and singing. One big drunken party. Oh yes and when nature calls the solution is not too far away. Just relieve yourself around the corner. Believe me I walk all over the place and the smell of urine follows you wherever you go in this town. And this in residential areas.
People drive under the influence of alcohol. Ignore stop signs. Speed like madmen. And wait till the sun sets. Our front page article is just one example of many accidents this last week. And according to the paramedics alcohol is the cause in 90% of the accidents.
The other day on our way to school my son remarked that you can start smelling the town’s sewerage when you turn in from the Marken road.
It is so! The whole town stinks.
And above all the drug dealers are flourishing.
And yet everyone carries on like everything is just fine and all is under control.
A bugger up if you ask me!
— Leoni

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