Letter — 23 September 2016


The Editor
It appears to me that some residents of the area are confused between the words asgat and Visgat!
The Visgat turnoff from the Marken road is the entrance to beautiful pristine bushveld with proud landowners and managers who take care of the flora and fauna. It is an area visited by international tourists, hunters and owners and is the opportunity to create beautiful and lasting impressions of this incredible land of ours.
Please refrain from using it as a dumping site for rubbish that you are too lazy to dispose of correctly. Beer bottles and energy drink cans are tossed from car windows all along the road by people who have no self-pride nor discipline nor any respect for the environment through which they traverse. Take away packets and containers, burger boxes, Harrier whiskey bottles and never ending baby nappies are simply dumped here by people who don’t give a damn. Keep your rubbish in your car and throw it away at the asgat and leave the Visgat turnoff alone!! Please.
— Pam du Plessis

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