105 and going strong

LEPHALALE — Rosina Dikubetso Mmaabane was born on 3rd March 1912 which means that this year she turns 105 years old.
Rosina does not believe in being idle and doing nothing. She still rakes up leaves and waters the mango trees. Although she walks with the help of a walking stick she is not scared of work and the only medication she takes is for her blood pressure.
According to some of her children she is often heard to say: “If I don’t work I get very tired.”
Rosina is the proud mother of ten children – seven daughters and three sons. Her oldest daughter passed away at the age of 64. She also has 48 grandchildren and 56 great grandchildren and very many great great grandchildren!
Rosina enjoys singing church songs as she can no longer get to the church. The pastor from the STJ Apostolic church visits her at home every April.

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