2 x inquests on one day

VILLA NORA — Villa Nora Police are currently investigating two counts of inquest in the area.

According to Warrant Officer Frans Mokoena, Lephalale Cluster spokesperson, it is alleged that a grandmother was playing with her nephews in Abbotspoort near the Thusong Centre on 18 January around 18:00 when one of the nephews, a 4-year-old boy, allegedly died after he choked on a marula. The grandmother asked the neighbours to take him to Witpoort Hospital where he was declared dead upon arrival at the hospital.

In another incident in Shongoane 1, it is alleged that on Friday 18 January at around 15:40 a family went swimming in a swimming pool at a guesthouse in Shongoane 1.

A 22-year-old man allegedly got out of the pool to take a break returning to the pool a few minutes later. According to WO Mokoena, after a while one of the family members realised that he was missing and they started to look for him. His body was found on the bottom of the pool. He was rushed to the clinic in Shongoane 1 where he was certified dead by the nurse on duty.

The police was called out for the above cases and inquest cases were reported.

Brig John Masia, Lephalale Cluster Commander, warns the community of Lephalale and surroundings: “It is raining a lot lately and pools and streams are getting full. Please be extra careful when you go for a swim. Parental supervision is essential when children go swimming.

“Regarding the case where the child choked on a marula, let’s enjoy our natural fruit but be extra careful, parents should look after their kids,” he says.

He also asks contractors who are doing construction work on pipes that all holes should be covered as children swim in it and drown as a result.

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