Blessed wedding


Ratlou Mabula
MARAPONG — On Sunday 13 November 2016, the much awaited for and talked about wedding of the elderly citizens, Letta Matjila (69) and Samuel Mokobi (75), took place at Marapong x4.
The event attracted people from near and far and from all walks of life and even drew the attention of the SABC 1 programme Selimathunzi.
The elderly couple spent their last night as singles separately at a local hotel and lodge. The next day they were driven off in classic German cars from Lephalale town to Marapong for the wedding proceedings.
Residents of Marapong Ext 1, 2 and 4 were amazed at seeing the bride being transported to her wedding in a horse drawn carriage.
This fairy tale started in December 2015 when Samuel Mokobi met Letta Matjila at SAVF in Marapong, also known as Mpepule Service Centre for the Aged. Mokobi fell head over heels in love with Letta, although initially he could not express his feelings towards her. Time went by until one day he finally expressed his romantic feelings to her – and his words fell on fertile soil.
Letta Matjila had already observed how gentle Mokobi was towards her and his softness attracted her to him.
On 2 April 2016 Mokobi sent his relatives for lobola negotiations on his behalf. On that day, he was very nervous and avoided conversation as he waited for an answer from his family representatives.
He said he saved money from his monthly pension grant as he realised time was not on his side for paying lobola.
This gesture, perceived as unique, historical and encouraging, prompted the team at SAVF to organise a wedding planning committee that would make this wedding an everlasting memory for the couple.
On 22 August the first planning meeting took place, where tasks were given to committee members. Those tasks were to ensure that the wedding would take place without the couple or their families contributing a cent.
The couple’s wedding attire, rings, horse drawn carriage, cake, make up, manicure, pedicure, tent, chairs, sound system, photographer and videographer, accommodation on the day before the wedding and for honeymoon, cars, etc. were all acquired through contributions and donations by individuals and businesses.
This was the first wedding at Marapong SAVF since it was officially opened in 2006.
“Koko Letta and Rakgolo Samuel are members of Mpepule Service Centre for the Aged that is operating at the SAVF One Stop Community Centre in Marapong. Rakgolo Samuel had to save from his pension money to pay lobola for Koko Letta. It also gives hope that love still exists no matter one’s age – love is forever. This union also addresses the issue of moral regeneration. It is not over until God says it’s over” said Mrs Cate Ngwepe, Programmes Coordinator at SAVF Marapong. According to the wedding planning committee, their fairy tale is not over yet.
The second phase of their efforts is to see that the couple have their own house where they can live happily together and in harmony.
The wedding planning committee said: “We convey a message of gratitude to all the sponsors who contributed to the wedding and we would also like to engage them and others who would like to be part of the next project (to build the couple a house). This has proven that unity is indeed the power.”
Though they have children, Letta Matjila and Samuel Mokobi have not been married before.
The couple has now gone to spend their honeymoon in accommodation at a lodge in Lephalale which was also donated to them.
“A marriage that has a special message to the society at large, that whatever you put your mind to, you will achieve”.

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