Community promised services

Tebogo Tlhako
SHONGOANE – The community of the Shongoane, Melville section, met with Lephalale Mayor Jack Maeko on 10 and 11 February. The purpose of the meeting was to voice out their frustrations, particularly on service delivery.
Amongst the issues which were raised were high mass lights (Apollo lights), tarred access roads, water, unemployment and the issue of proof of residence letters.
The community requested that a water truck goes to Melville and Phahladira twice a week to provide them with water because the pressure pump is not strong enough to supply sufficient water, forcing them to fetch water from the river.
There are several water tank holes which are visible in Melville. The community mentioned that the holes have been open for some time, but they don’t see progress. One community member stood up and commented that he is happy with the recent developments that are happening in Shongoane. “Sometimes we shouldn’t just complain and point fingers but be grateful and acknowledge what the municipality has done and is still doing” he said.
The crowd cheered when Mr. Manama said that there is a lot of unemployment in Shongoane, especially amongst the youth and that alternative job opportunities should be created within Lephalale Municipality.
In his response Lephalale Mayor said that he is happy to see people giving the Municipality the thumbs up because a lot of people are not acknowledging what the municipality is doing.
“Lephalale Municipality has a good relationship with the new leadership of Medupi and lots of positive changes are expected soon in regards to the issue of unemployment.
On the issues of proof of residence, which has been a nightmare and a vital issue to villagers, Maeko said that trial offices shouldn’t deny people’s proof of residence letters because they owe village levies, as that will deprive many of job opportunities.
Maeko also instructed the Municipal Water division to take two trucks of water to Phahladira twice a day to deliver water to the community. While Lephalale Municipality Infrastructure Manager, Lawrence Tlhako, said that with the high mass lights they still need to do an evaluation to see how many lights should be installed because if they are constructed in too close range they can have effects on eyes. On the access road he said that an application has been made with the department of Coghsta.

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