CPF takes bull by horns

LEPHALALE — “There were some allegations made a while ago – I don’t mind taking the bull by its horns,” said Thys Eloff, chairperson of the Community Policing Forum (CPF) last Thursday.

Thys Eloff, CPF chairperson

Thys was referring to certain allegations that were made on a social media group a while ago where the CPF members were accused of many things, including blatant racism; the absence of black CPF members; the CPF is a bunch of khaki clad; and drug using, white boys.

“It is like saying every person in Marapong is a thief because there are people in Marapong poaching on farms. You can’t make an allegation like that. It’s irresponsible, morally, ethically and completely wrong to say that on a platform,” Eloff said.

He requested that the message should be spread that if any of the mentioned allegations were true, he can be contacted.

“Give me the facts. The time, the type of vehicle and registration number, names, witnesses. Bring it to me, don’t generalize.

“We strive to provide an ethical, quality and free service; we don’t get incentives, salaries or any support apart from the call centre being funded by donations. Every kilometre of fuel, every tire and every accident is financed by CPF members themselves. We are trying to be as inclusive as possible,” he said.

He extended an invitation to anyone who feels he or her can contributes positively to join the CPF.

Thys Eloff can be contacted at 082 588 8305.

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