Earn cash for scrap — and keep Lephalale clean

LEPHALALE — The town is dirty and various people and institutions have been doing serious effort to improve the situation over the past year.

Joe Meyer on his way to Ellisras Bou- en Hardeware to collect some paint, sponsored by Anita van Biljon, for the donated bins

Simply trying to clean up the town is not the ideal option. The real option is to educate residents and non-residents, especially those guilty of littering in and around the town. It’s also important that every household puts in an effort to sort household waste into different bags to make the recycling process successful.

On Thursday January 31, Joe Meyer, former General Manager of the Grootegeluk Medupi Expansion Project at Exxaro, chaired a clean-up meeting with three representatives from the municipality also attending. From now on, a clean-up meeting will be held every Thursday at 10:00 at Machauka Lodge. The meetings, in collaboration with the municipality, aim to work out a strategy to improve the situation in town. Edward Mashishi: Manager Waste from the municipality said, in spite of the many challenges the municipality faces, prevention of littering as well as recycling are critical points to focus on. The current plan is for blue refuse bags to be made available to residents for recyclable material. Mogol Post will keep residents informed about this initiative. Blue refuse bags can be put out together with black bags for collection. Residents can also earn a profit by taking blue bags with recyclable material to collection points that will also be communicated by Mogol Post once more information is available.

During the meeting, it was decided to reconsider the quantity of skips bins as well as swivel bins and their placement. Edward undertook to ensure that when trucks unload the skip bins, dropped debris will be collected. A request was made for the donation of 210 litre drums that can be transformed into swivel bins. Kindly contact 082 331 4578 in this regard.

An important business model of the recycling project is to help people who are dependent on selling scrap for cash to make a living. The more collectors there are, the cleaner the town will be! Trudi Grobler has already met with representatives of Mamojela Park along the Stockpoort Road and Astrid Basson undertook to speak to residents of Mahlakung, next to the Ellisras District Hospital. These areas are not permanent and only the minimum services are provided. Marapong is probably the worst in terms of service delivery and it is in everyone’s interest to uplift living conditions. Residents must take note that they can earn money by engaging in the recycling project.

The general opinion of the meeting was that it is the resident’s duty to help with this project, one step at a time. If everyone becomes part and parcel of this project, it will become much easier. Scrap collectors’ tasks can be made easier but care should be taken that collectors do not take out the recyclable materials from the skip bins and in doing so scatter other refuse on the ground.

Joe concluded the meeting with the words: “Nothing happens overnight. Miracles take a little bit longer. Please be patient and carry through with the actions. Let us create a culture of recycling and a good standard of living!”

Everybody can ask himself/herself: Is littering necessary, is it good practice, and are you proudly South African?

Littering stops with YOU! Recycling starts with YOU!

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