ER24 back to square 1

Leoni Kruger
LEPHALALE – According to the paramedic staff of ER24 in Lephalale, they are back to square one with only one ambulance in Lephalale.
“We lost the second ambulance due to insufficient call rates. Our call rates are not high enough for the period that we have been operating in Lephalale” one of them said at the Lephalale Rural Safety Forum (LRSF) meeting on Thursday 17 November.
They also confirmed that they had moved from the premises in Jan Lee Street to Skurwerand Street.
They requested police attendance in cases where they are called out and there are weapons involved in the incident. “We have to protect our lives as well” they said.
Thys Eloff, CPF chairperson, said that if Delta 1 / the service room is called, the police will automatically be called out to the scene. He assured them that they can always ask for back-up from the CPF if they call Delta 1.
They expressed their concern about having only one vehicle in town as when they are busy with a transfer, there is no back-up for emergencies in town.
Douw Pelser, chairperson of the LRSF, said he will follow up with Provincial ER24 management on the issue of having only one ambulance in town.
ER24 Lephalale can be directly contacted on 076 817 1535 or 060 912 7869.

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