Family cannot arrange for funeral

Ratlou Mabula
MOTLHASEDI — As part of the commemoration of June 16, the youth from Motlhasedi village dedicated the iconic day to the late Flora Moatshe, aged 29. They spoke about the events leading to her disappearance and Sheryn Pelotona recited a poem titled ‘Breaking the Silence’. This poem speaks about women and their identity, which is stolen daily by heartless men.
Mogol Post first reported about Flora who went missing on 10 May 2017 while on her way home from work. She was in the company of two young boys when Steve Mfisa, aged 31, walked past them before slowing down and allegedly stabbing Flora with a knife.
The young boys told Mogol Post they never imagined Mfisa would kill Flora after he forced her to leave with him from Hosana Tavern. They say they were shocked to learn of her disappearance after they left her in the company of Mfisa, who gave them a blood-stained knife he stabbed her with.
Flora worked at Hosana Tavern and shop and her former employer, who was visibly upset, opened up to Mogol Post on learning about Flora’s disappearance.
Flora was due to work at Hosana Tavern over the long weekend of 27th April but failed to open for business on the Sunday. ”I called Flora after 13:30 to ask why the business was not yet open but another woman answered the phone. While I was talking to her the call was cut short. Later the cell phone was switched off and I can assure you that woman was not Flora” said Hosana, who speaks fluent Tswana.
Hosana described Flora as a hard-working lady, who was troubled by her ex-boyfriend. He did not like her being independent and working hard to improve her life. Eventually she stopped working for Hosana because of Mfisa’s constant disruptions. After getting a protection order against Mfisa she started working for Hosana again.
Flora worked for over a month at the tavern and on the day she disappeared she had the keys, cell phone and money for Friday afternoon and Saturday’s business. None of these items have been retrieved and it is not known how much money she carried on that fateful night.
Hosana, who says he lost a great hard-working employee, was also very unhappy with the search for Flora and he feels more could have been done.
Meanwhile Flora’s family cannot commit to a date for her funeral due to delays in the forensics of the case.
Flora had three children, a 6 year-old girl and boys aged 11 and 14. The boys, who are learners at Baitswe, are reportedly in need of counselling as they are traumatised by the situation. According to information the boys were near the river banks with some community members when their mother’s body was exhumed two weeks ago.

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