Feedback on municipal issues

The area bordering Ledibeng

LEPHALALE — During November and early December last year, Mogol Post questioned the Lephalale Local Municipality about a few important issues plaguing the town.

The first enquiry was about the sewage in the storm water ditch at the back of Platkroon and Peter Mokaba (Knoppiesdoring) Streets. Residents of Platkroon Street in Onverwacht requested that Mogol Post pay them a visit as they could no longer endure the smell of sewage as it even overflew into their toilets.

Upon Mogol Post’s arrival at the gravel road bordering the back yards of the residents of Peter Mokaba, Platkroon, etc., the municipality’s Honey Sucker was in the process of emptying the content of the manhole into a ditch along the gravel road. The municipal employee operating the Honey Sucker tried to explain to Mogol Post that an excavator is digging-up soil and diverting the sewage so that it does not flow directly into the Mogol River.

Mogol Post also visited the gravel road at the back of Peter Mokaba Street in Onverwacht on Wednesday 5 December after the paper received complaints from residents in both Ledibeng and Onverwacht. Mogol Post was shocked to see what the area looked like. It appears that people throw their garden refuge and household garbage over their back walls. These objects – from bottles, tins, old shoes, plastic bags, etc. eventually end up in the storm water canal. The storm water canal is filled with sewage. What will happen if it rains a lot in the next few weeks? The Ledibeng dam is also in jeopardy. The “sieve” through which the water should run is mostly blocked with garbage.

The municipality’s response regarding the above is as follows:
Lephalale Local Municipality has appointed a service provider to address challenges reported on the situation at the back of Platkroon and Peter Mokaba Streets. The service provider is currently on site and is expected to complete the repairs on the sewer pipeline before end of the month.

The Municipality takes note of the reported illegal dumping of waste at Ledibeng in Onverwacht and will as an intervention, conduct an inspection and apply basic principles of good waste management such as educating the residents to change the littering and dumping behaviour and enforcing the polluters’ principles.

At the time of going to print Mogol Post learned that the illegal dumping of waste at the area bordering Ledibeng was not sorted out yet.

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