Inauguration of MWCEP

LEPHALALE — The 2018 Medupi Winter Career Expo Programme started on Tuesday 26 June.

This programme entails participation between 48 Grade 10 learners and eight educators, representing 25 high schools from Palala North, Palala South and Ellisras Circuits, for the next three weeks.

The Medupi Winter Career Expo Programme (MWCEP) was launched in June 2017 by the Department of Education and Local Government.

The programme is an intensive mentorship programme designed to expose Grade 10 learners to a variety of career options within Eskom. Learners are placed at different Departments in the Medupi Project and allocated to mentors for the duration of the programme.

Lazarus Kgageng from Tielelo Secondary School, who attended the programme last year, was invited to advise current learners to use the opportunity to the best of their ability.

A 2018 matric learner, Kgageng said: “You are some of the best learners, hence you have been chosen to represent your schools this year. You are not here to just represent your school, but also yourself, and after three weeks you will realise what it means to be in a corporate world.

“Last year I had the opportunity to be close to and speak to the Project Director Phillip Dukashe – not anyone have that opportunity.

“Some people only see Medupi from outside and never enter its premises.”

Kgageng advised learners to understand what they want to study as this will assist them to invest in following the career by leaving the past behind and focusing on building their future.

“I want you to know that your being here shows that you are fortunate, not because the coordinators wanted you to be here. You worked hard to be here and one of the benefits is when opportunities present themselves, you will be the first to be considered.

“For you to prosper in life you need to know yourself, hence I advise you to do self-introspection.”

Learners who participate in MWCEP are chosen out of 20 high schools from within Waterberg District.

Participating schools are required to submit two names of the best performing Maths and Science Grade 10 learners. Qualifying learners are expected to spend the three weeks during winter holidays at the project.

The 2018 learners will receive additional Mathematics and Physical Science classes which will be offered by the project employees.

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