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LEPHALALE — The Lephalale Development Forum’s (LDF) quarterly working group meeting was recently held and the meeting was well attended with promising feedback.
The Local Economic Development (LED) working group reported back that the Agri Masterplan implementation is back on track and projects are being identified for implementation in the Lephalale area, which will, according to Jacques Snyman, LDF Coordinator, have a significantly positive impact on all the communities.
“Agriculture is one of the two aspects of the local economy that will help create sustainable communities in the Lephalale area, which is the reason why such great emphasis is placed on implementing these projects. The newly formed Lephalale Youth Business Chamber was also introduced to all stakeholders and it was inspiring to see the energy with which the youth is participating in the process of identifying and developing LED projects in the area,” Snyman said.
Snyman furthermore said that the Lephalale Enterprise Development Centre (LEDC) will continue to play a supporting role regarding the establishment and growth of small businesses in the area. “Feedback from the LEDC team showed that there are 23 small businesses in full incubation while another four are in the pre-incubation phase. These businesses in the pre-incubation phase will be assessed for readiness to move into full incubation during September,” he continued. Small business owners in the area are invited to consider making use of the services provided by the LEDC to increase their probability of not only surviving, but successfully growing and therefore contributing to creating more local job opportunities.
Charles Seanego, the new LED Manager, shared with stakeholders that there will be specific opportunities for 100 local small businesses (SMMEs) to be trained and to then be considered for opportunities to provide products and services to the Joe Slovo development project. Small businesses in the area were invited to complete the necessary paperwork, which can be obtained from the municipality, to be included on the database of local SMMEs for consideration.
Other projects that were reported back on include many of the known projects planned in the mining and energy sector that could lead to opportunities for local businesses in the future.
A number of new businesses and initiatives were also introduced to stakeholders, while the team from the Office of the Premier indicated that progress feedback will be given on the Industrial Clustering drive for the Lephalale area at a special session to be arranged during October.
The Social Services working group reported that although there are still challenges due to shortage of personnel and some equipment, the Marapong Community Health Centre is delivering a service to the community. It was reported that the number of cases that they deal with has increased significantly over the past few months. Based on this, it is clear that the medical service is needed and valued by the community.
The Medupi team shared with attendees that the contract for the Eskom sponsored paediatric bus that serves crèches and schools in the rural areas with basic medical services, has been extended for another three years. This news was welcomed by all since the bus has already had a very positive impact on young children in the rural areas.

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