Letter from the Editor — 16 September 2016

There are few things as delicious for me as bread. Warm, fresh bread. With real butter. If on top of it all the bread is a ciabatta with large holes in the risen dough – then my whole family is lost. I always feel a little guilty when I get excited about bread as bread is a big taboo these days. Bread with sugar. Addictive habits. Comfort food.
I crept into the house on Friday afternoon with a ciabatta under my arm. Forgetting about Tim Noakes for a while. The bread was still a little warm. I even considered hiding the bread in my cupboard to eat alone over the weekend but my conscience and fear of larger hips made me decide against it. So on Friday night the three of us feasted on ciabatta with olive oil, balsamic vinegar and parsley pesto washed down with a wonderful Shiraz.
Decadent and delicious. I am sharing this decadence as I spoke face to face with the man behind the bread. And after that decided that one sin in seven days is just what one needs to remember that life is too short to worry about the pro’s and con’s of a ciabatta. (Sorry Tim)
Johann Young’s journey to 100 breads per week was a journey of self-discovery and the realisation that something as simple as bread can be turned into a feast. Please read about the baking pastor and his delightful bread on page 6.
But what is a week without strikes and rebellion? And naturally over money. I was amazed when I arrived at the Ellisras District hospital on Tuesday morning to be met by empty passages and no patients. The staff were on strike over bonuses that had not been paid out. They threw their shoes at me as I tried to question them about their grievances and take a photograph. And at TVET? There the students were striking because their bursaries did not pay them out for food, accommodation, tuition fees, transport. Etcetera. We are still trying to ascertain exactly what is going on there.
Since when has it been taken for granted that one just gets money or does the problem perhaps lie with the fact that agreements are not met? Nevertheless, it keeps the news interesting.
— Leoni

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