Local girl shines in America

LEPHALALE — It has been almost a year since Mogol Post reported on former Miss Lephalale TVET College Kamogelo Phahladira going to study in the US.

Kamogelo and her mother, Kate

Kamogelo was to initially study Dramatic Arts, Film and Production before changing to Paralegal and Forensic Science at Ashworth College.

She told Mogol Post that fate pushed her in this direction and in less than a year she achieved a Diploma in both fields.

The learning system in the US allows students to study at their own pace, thus Kamogelo managed to complete two Diploma courses in one year, with three school terms in the process.

On Saturday 4 August she graduated and also joined high performers who are part of two Honour Societies called Delta Epilson Tau International Honour and Honour Society, which are for people who have achieved over 90% for their grades.

Through a telephone conversation she told Mogol Post that though she never imagined herself studying anything to do with forensics, she now enjoys it and doesn’t see herself in any other career.

“I would like to work with SAPS when I get back to South Africa. The knowledge I acquired in the US can help SAPS fight crime.

“The American education is so good and challenging that pass mark is 75% for international students whereas back home it is only 40%.

“In the current textbook we use for case study, we read about Oscar Pistorius’ murder case, a recent story from my own country; I am certain that in South Africa you will find that they still use the same case study of over 10 years ago in the same field. My graduation here in America is my biggest achievement ever.

“I graduated with an Honour, which is equivalent to a distinction in South Africa.

My mother, Kate Phahladira, came all the way to see me graduate and I am the first graduate at home,” she said.

In addition, she says it took hard work to eventually make it. There were times in the early months of 2018 when she felt like giving up and coming back to South Africa, but she got support from many people in Lephalale that she would like to thank for boosting her confidence, as that played a big role.

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  1. Congratulations on your achievement sister. We can’t wait to have back Home. I am sure your expertise will be of much essence..

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