Mamba rescue

Delport Botma holding the 1.8 meter long black mamba he saved from the tree
Delport Botma holding the 1.8 meter long black mamba he saved from the tree

VAALWATER – Delport Botma (23) from Vaalwater had his interest in snakes sparked from a young age by his uncle who used to catch and teach him about them.
On Monday 18th January Botma received a call from the owner of a guest house about a snake catching weavers in a tree. He initially suspected a boomslang but the snake was too high in the tree to be able to identify it. He climbed the tree for a closer look and then realised he was dealing with a large black mamba. After waiting for the snake to descend he realised his only option was to climb back up the tree and go and fetch the snake for himself.
Snake tongs in hand, strong tree climbing abilities and his knowledge of snakes saw the successful capture of the snake. The mamba had unfortunately been shot twice with an air rifle but as no vitals were hit, Botma is keeping it in captivity in order for it to recover before he releases it.
Botma described the experience as one of the scariest yet best moments of his life and definitely the most difficult catch he has done to date. He would not like to repeat it but is glad he could rescue the snake.
Botma is currently a part-time photographer and is busy studying for and building up his helicopter flying hours to complete his commercial flying licence.

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