MARAPONG — According to information, the new sewage plant in Marapong was built in 2010 to relieve the sewerage problem in Marapong. After Mogol Post received several complaints, the plant was visited on Monday 22 October.

Sewage water only 20 m away from houses

The plant could be entered without any security measures. The “new” plant is empty with no signs of life, there were no security guards, the gates were open and the plant was desolated and abandoned. It was clear that the plant is seldom visited.

The chlorination systems do not work. According to a resident whose farm borders the sewerage plant, one of the mixers broke during the test period of the plant. According to him, the contractor was allegedly declared bankrupt and never heard from again.

According to information, Andrew Leseka, the municipal employee who was responsible for the project at the time, was suspended and later fired because he allegedly took a bribe and paid the contractor in full before the work on the project was finished.

The plant is in the same condition today as it was when it was handed over.

The previous plant also doesn’t function at all.

The pump for the chlorination system that was installed at the old plant was allegedly stolen in 2011, grinding the system to a halt.

The chlorination system of the new plant also doesn’t work and the building from where the chlorination system operates, doesn’t have electricity as the wires have been cut and the DB box has been looted.

Just around the corner the supply wires lie on the ground, the electricity pole has been felled and the copper cables stolen. Plastic stripped from the copper wires litters the place and the knife, probably used to do the deed, is left lying there.

According to one of the neighbours, the plant has been in this horrific state for the past five years.

There is no run-in of sewerage water into the dam at the old plant, instead, it runs into the field. Pipes that bypass the plant were laid to drain the field. Cattle are walking knee-deep in the sewage and some sheep have already died. The overflows are all dry.

During Mogol Post’s visit, a company vehicle dumped six drums of sewage into the dam at the old plant without any supervision or control. Mogol Post could move around freely without any interference, in other words, the area can easily be further sabotaged.

As there is no power, the measuring instruments that determine the volume of sewage do not function. Thus, it seems that the municipality does not have any idea of the volumes of sewage running into the field or the quantities of sewage that should get processed.

Raw sewage flows like a river about 20 meters from the nearest houses. This is a serious health risk.

Cholera and stomach fever can spread in this way. Some of the residents said to Mogol Post they were not aware of the fact that raw sewerage is a health risk and dangerous, but they confirmed that they are fed-up with the situation.

Please see next week’s Mogol Post for the Municipality’s response on the matter, as they were unable to provide any feedback before going to print.

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