Medupi: what lies ahead

LEPHALALE — With Medupi nearing completion, Mogol Post enquired at Medupi Communications about the latest demob figures and what lies ahead in terms of demobilisation.

Mogol Post: Can you please provide figures of the recent demob at Medupi (how many workers were demobbed) and when and how many will be demobbed next.

Medupi: Medupi is nearing its completion as any project has a defined start and end date. As a result, a total of 1 810 contractor workforce have been demobilised in the past three months: 133 at the end of January, 833 at the end of February and 844 at the end of March. Approximately 2 343 contractor workforce is forecasted for demobilisation in the next three months with 1 456 at the end of April, 341 at the end of May and at the 546 end of June. All construction related employees will be demobilised at the completion of the project and the running power station will remain with the resources responsible for operating the plant.

Mogol Post: Can you please also provide an update on Units 3, 2 and 1?

Medupi: Unit 3 is in the final stages of optimisation and testing before application for Commercial Operation. The Unit will be on outage from the 20 April 2019 for 22 days with the major works being the installation of performance acceptance test instrumentation, relocation of the control station to the main control room and re-bagging of the Pulse Jet Filter Fabric plant. Unit 2 commissioning activities are completed and the control system optimisation is currently being conducted. Lessons learnt from Unit 3 have been included in the program with the result that the unit software is at an advanced stage. As a result the unit is capable of full load operation as well as transient and capability condition without significant risk of trip. Unit 1 is in the final stages of construction and preliminary commissioning has commenced. The next key milestone is first fires followed by boiler blow through leading to first synchronisation of this last unit.

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