No pipe fittings in stock — municipality

LEPHALALE — There is a leaking pipe on the corner of Rupert and George Avgos Streets next to the gate of the Reformed Church Magol. This pipe has been leaking since November 2018.

According to a source, the pipe was fixed by the Municipality in November and then covered with sand, however, after a few days the leak started again.  

The pipe has been leaking since then and the church cannot use their main gate as part of the excavation is in the paving area.

According to information, the issue was reported at the relevant person at Lephalale Municipality as well as to the standby team. On Thursday 10 January, 2019, an employee at the Municipality said that the municipality doesn’t have the right pipe fittings to repair the pipe and that they are waiting for it.

Mogol Post referred the query to the Municipality, asking how long it can take to get pipe fittings and since pipe leaks are common in Lephalale, why is no equipment available?

After heavy rains, the situation worsened and drowning is also a worrying reality – especially at night.

The Municipality said they acknowledge that there is a pipe burst and will remedy the situation as soon as the required fittings are acquired. They apologise for the inconvenience caused by the situation.

Residents are advised to report all water related problems on the Municipal standby number
082 770 0085.

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