Progress on MCWAP2

Leoni Kruger
LEPHALALE — There are many projects in the pipeline in Lephalale and surroundings; the expansion of the town and the possible negative impact on the environment have been in the news regularly. The fact is, many plans and projects can be put on the table but none of these developments will be possible without water. The feasibility of any project cannot be ensured without additional water in the area.
According to Jacques Snyman from the Lephalale Development Forum (LDF), progress has been made with the negotiations to provide more water through the MCWAP phase 2 project, which will supply water from the Crocodile River scheme to the Steenbokpan area. This will however only be finished by the end of 2023.
One of the main drivers of this project is the need for the Medupi Power Station to comply with the environmental laws regarding emission standards on air quality. In order for them to comply, they will need more water than what is currently available in the area, and this water will be supplied by the second phase of this project.
The implementation agent for this project is planning to commence with the environmental impact assessment soon. When more water becomes available in the area the opportunities for further development, growth and job creation is stimulated.

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