Seleka Heritage sod turning

SELEKA — In his quest to preserve and honour the Heritage of the Seleka chieftaincy, Lephalale Local Mayor, Cllr Jack Maeko, launched the Mayoral Sectoral Traditional Outreach Programme at Seleka on 9 March.
The programme is the first of its kind and through the Mayor’s facilitation, representatives from various businesses committed to support the Mayor’s request of building a house that will restore the dignity of the chieftaincy of Seleka and will be the Heritage Site that future generations will see as a symbol of history. The delegation led by the Mayor and Kgoshi Seleka, proceeded to the identified site for the sod turning ceremony that marked the commencement of the construction of the house.
The Mayor said it is very important to preserve the heritage of black communities as a reflection of the identity of a nation and a connection to the past. “Every heritage has a story to tell and needs to actively be preserved so that they do not fall in to disrepair. Heritage sites need to be protected from incursion, in the same fashion that natural preserves need to be protected from human encroachment. History is important, it brings us all together and this is a cornerstone of nationhood that should be protected by every country and culture”.

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