Stop malaria panic

LEPHALALE – According to Phillip Kruger, manager of the malaria control programme in Limpopo, there is no reason to panic regarding the occurrence of malaria in the Lephalale area. Lephalale has NOT been declared a malaria area.
“The incidents of malaria occur in a very wide area; an area will only be declared as a malaria area when 50 or more people who live near each other, get malaria” he says. Mogol Post confirmed that in the last month people in Lephalale have been diagnosed with malaria and hospitalised. According to Kruger they are isolated cases and there are only sporadic incidents of malaria in Lephalale.
  Kruger added that malaria in Lephalale is possibly from imported infected mosquitos – in other words, mosquitoes that carry malaria are carried to a non-malaria area and then infect local residents.
“We have seen higher levels of the spread of malaria in the whole of Southern Africa from early on this year and in my opinion, it is mainly a climate-driven situation. We did not really have a cold winter and all of this contributes to the occurrence of malaria,” he says.
Kruger said that although malaria is a deadly disease, no one should die from it.
“Anyone who has malaria symptoms for more than one day must insist on a malaria test even if they have not visited a malaria area. Do not delay it”.
He confirmed that the Department of Health is currently busy with spraying and that an additional 342 people have been appointed in order to spray a wider area. He says there is 95% certainty that additional funding from National Treasury will be made available for the spraying of wider areas.
“We learned our lesson in March/April 2017 and this year we will spray for a longer period. Instead of stopping spraying at the end of February, in 2018 spraying will continue. We do not want a repeat of the situation” he said.
Symptoms of malaria include fever, trembling, joint pains, anaemia, haemoglobinuria (presence of haemoglobin in the urine), vomiting, diarrhoea and headache.

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