Vaalwater Clinic

VAALWATER — Staff Members of the Vaalwater Clinic in Lesideng hosted a Mental Health Event on Wednesday 21 July.
The event lasted from 10:00 until 15:00 and was attended by more than 200 people from the local community.
The event was to create awareness of diseases, prevent relapses in patients and encourage patient support. They also aim to maintain support groups for sick patients and to encourage adherence and compliance to medication prescribed to patients.
Waterberg Welfare Society’s (a non-government Vaalwater-based charity organisation) truck was used to create a lively atmosphere and to make sure all the speakers were heard. The truck is equipped with a very good sound system and stage for hosting such events and playing music.
Oupa Madubye, Mental Health Co-ordinator at the Vaalwater Clinic and Vaalwater Clinic Operations Manager, Anne-Marie van Zyl were involved in the organisation of the whole event.
Community members, patients with mental health challenges, clinic staff members, family of patients and a whole range of government and non-government organisations were invited to attend.
“The Mental Health Event was a huge success and we were happy with the amount of people that attended. Oupa Madubye did a fantastic job with the organisation and the whole programme for the day. We were very glad that all the relevant stakeholders attended,” said Van Zyl.

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