Water shortage crisis in Marapong

MARAPONG — Mogol Post recently received complaints from some residents of Marapong X4 who stressed that the shortage of water exposes them to potential criminals late at night, who take advantage of mostly women who wait for running water around that time.

Recently water pressure is low during the day and it is sometimes cut off over weekends, leaving residents to wait late into the night to get water.

Lately, residents leave their water containers set up in a queue, awaiting delivery trucks that often fill up over 200 containers, whose owners would place them by the water delivery site. Others leave their containers by the water taps in their yards in case water becomes available at night in which case they will have to get up to replace filled containers with empty ones.

Those who have installed Jojo tanks claim to pay at least R500 per delivery, irrespective of the quantity of litres of water to fill. Others claim to not have had running water for approximately three months, with others only able to access it in the middle of the night. Lephalale Municipal Communications Manager Conscious Chiloane told Mogol Post that the municipality is aware of the situation and that a team of technicians were dispatched and are currently conducting an investigation.

In terms of plans put in place she said: “The Municipality has noted an imbalance with regards to the water supply versus water demand and the demand exceeds the supply due to, amongst other things, Illegal connections, increase in the number of backyard dwellers and illegal car washes.

The Municipality is in a process of addressing the above-mentioned challenges,” she said.

She was asked about a possible alternative that the people of Marapong X4 could rely on for water at this stage, and she said presently the municipality provides water tanks to the affected area, even though the intervention is not sufficient as the area is vast.

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