WNC Meeting

VAALWATER — The Waterberg Nature Conservancy, based in Vaalwater, will have their mid-year meeting on Thursday 23 June.
The meeting is set to start strictly at 2pm at the NG church in Vaalwater and everyone is welcome to attend.
Kassie Knoetze will be talking about security in the Waterberg area, with a specific look at where the community are in terms of their security and action plans in case of an emergency.
The newly appointed Chairperson of the Save the Waterberg Rhino Project, Madeleine Broderick, will also address the meeting regarding their past successes and new projects.
Bradley Schroder, CEO of Welgevonden, and one of the Running Rhinos will give feedback on their trip to China and the Comrades Marathon as well as all the work that was done to save our rhinos.
The talks end at 4pm at which point Conservancy member, Marc Dieljen, will have on offer Flemish beef stew with rice and gluwein. Time to eat, network and interact with like-minded people.
Erika Albertyn will also have a tasting table for her homemade pickled vegetables and salads.
Future Conservancy meetings are scheduled for Thursday, 18 August, and the Annual General Meeting for Thursday, 17 November.
Contact Sue Walker on 082 934 2626 or email her on suew@africanfilmworks.com for any further questions or information.

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