Women’s groups learn to sew


SHONGOANE — Learning a skill, practicing it and applying it, is a liberating experience.
This was the feeling among women from three different women’s groups who recently learned how to sew. Members of the Skemer Women’s Agricultural Union visited the Bopanang Bangalong in Shongoane 4, a group in Marapong and a mixed group from the CWC church also in Marapong.
The task was to make a simple sundress for a child. Most members could sew, but as one said: “We know some of these things, but sometimes it feels as if we need to be awakened. Then we are surprised to see what we are capable of!”
The idea of the dress originated in an international idea of making a dress from a pillow case. “Old pillowcases are worn and not nice enough for a dress,” explained Mrs Tharina Rossel, member of Skemer WAU and president of the South African Women’s Agricultural Union. “A new pillow case costs a lot, and it is better to buy a piece of material. This enables you to pick your size, type and design. The principle remains the same: a simple, quick to sew task.”
Some enjoyed it more than others, some are born seamstresses and dressmakers, but everyone went home with a finished dress for a toddler!
This was only one of many skills taught and learned by these enthusiastic women.

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