Letter from the Editor — 9 Sep 2016

Amid the weak economy, the absence of rain; rapes and murders; poaching and stock theft -we do sometimes hear about miracles. It is a pleasure for me to report on something good this week. People whose lives were spared and they know full well it was through grace alone.
I really did not want to contact Theo Pistorius about his accident as I knew the media would be the last person he would want to talk to after his experience. And so thank you Theo, for sharing your story with me.
I watched a programme on TV sometime over the weekend in which the well-known journalist Hanlie Retief spoke to Erik Holm, the actor who is confined to a wheelchair after diving into the bottom of a dam years ago. He is a quadriplegic.
With him was his dad who does not look up for long periods of time and rubbed his hands through his hair. One could see that the memory of that time in their lives is just too much for him.
He tells of how their house (or study) nearly burned to the ground twice. He is an entomologist and studies insects and so the children first had to rescue the books and then the insects from the flames.
Erik tells of how his family protected him after the accident. His room in the hospital was equipped like a gypsy caravan and his sister moved in permanently with him. They were there for him and it made the tragedy easier for him to bare.
Today as he looks back and thinks about how much work he has, he thinks the accident was his big chance in life, as things are going better than ever with him now. He has met the love of his life, he has more than enough work and his family are still there for him.
His dad says if he had to choose between the fire and Erik’s accident then the whole house could burn down. It is only a parent who can talk like that.
Erik’s dad told the nicest story of when the youngest baby sister was born. The elder sister was two and a half and not very impressed with this new arrival. So much so that they, as parents, were afraid she might do something to the baby. The jealousy was bad!
His wife walked past the baby’s room one evening and saw that the baby’s bed was crawling with insects. Any normal mum would have collapsed, but she knew immediately that this was a peace offering. All the children knew that if they wanted to make their Dad’s heart happy they just needed to bring him insects to inspect. And what bigger gift for your baby sister than a bag full of gogga’s!
I found it to be such a lovely story I just had to share it with you.
In these times that are so busy and full of stress, perhaps we must all just open our eyes properly – many miracles take place around us of which we do not know or just do not see. Lastly, welcome back to Elsa van Rooyen, our Koekeloerder and Managing Editor who is back with us after a long period in a sick bed. We are glad you are back.
Wishing you all a wonderful week.
— Leoni

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