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Jurg van Heerden and Scott van Zyl
Jurg van Heerden and Scott van Zyl

Leoni Kruger
LEPHALALE — Limpopo Hunters Liaison Forum (LHLF), an organisation consisting mostly of hunting outfitters and professional hunters based in the Limpopo Province, recently handed over two-way emergency radios to Warrant Officer Jurg van Heerden.
WO Van Heerden is a member of a SAPS specialised endangered species task team in Limpopo and the radios will assist him and his task team with their important task.
As the Limpopo Province is one of the most targeted provinces for Rhino poaching, communication between role players is extremely important. To patrol this vast area is a monumental task that is usually the responsibility of the local authorities and private landowners.
According to Thys Eloff, chairperson of Lephalale CPF, the CPF will make sure that the various emergency channels are programmed on the radios.

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